The Adelaide Clinic
Part of Ramsay Health Care

About Adelaide Clinic

The Adelaide Clinic is a leading provider of psychiatric services in South Australia. The hospital, which is a teaching facility of the University of Adelaide, provides a full range of general, acute and specialised psychiatric services.

This purpose built facility has been designed to offer the best in privacy and comfort for patients and superior facilities for Psychiatrists. As part of the complex, the Clinic has fully serviced consulting rooms.

As well as excellence in Private Psychiatric Care, the Adelaide Clinic embodies the Ramsay Health Care ethos of “People Caring for People” hence patient care is the primary concern.

The Adelaide Clinic offers a diverse range of specialised treatment programs which are developed by staff with input from Psychiatrists, consumer and carers. The clinic specialises in the treatment of acute adult psychiatric illnesses including;

  • Mood disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • Personality disorders
  • Drug & Alcohol detoxification

The Adelaide Clinic has specialised areas to which patients can be admitted depending on their needs;

  • Electro Convulsive Therapy for the treatment of severe depressive illness, mania and other forms of psychosis. The ECT suite has state of the art facilities and is staffed by Registered Nurses experienced in post anaesthetic recovery.

  • An inpatient programme offers a wide range of groups to facilitate the recovery process and the successful transition from in-patient treatment back into the community.

  • Recently discharged patients who may still require support are encouraged to attend the outpatient programme conducted at Kahlyn Day Centre, Magill.

    The outpatient program can also be utilised for the treatment of patients for whom an inpatient program may not be suitable. Attendance at the Day Programme can be full day, half day or on a sessional basis. In addition to our specialist group treatment programs, Kahlyn Day Centre provides individually tailored therapy programs, developed in consultation with the patient's psychiatrist.

  • Drug & Alcohol detoxification

    An integrated service for problems of drug and/or alcohol dependence and abuse. Our Drug & Alcohol Unit is staffed by a highly experienced multi-disciplinary team of health care professionals and offers the following treatment components and options:

    • Assessment
    • Detoxification
    • Rehabilitation and
    • Outpatient follow-up

    The Drug & Alcohol Unit is specifically designed to cater for the medically controlled, safe withdrawal of both alcohol and other drugs, whilst minimising the discomfort experienced by patients. The nature of the withdrawal procedure is determined by the nature and extent of the individual's substance dependence. The relapse prevention program, (provided at Kahlyn Day Centre) commences at the completion of detoxification and includes both group and individual counselling sessions.

    An outpatient open program at the Kahlyn Day Centre provides general information regarding the physical and emotional problems associated with the use of alcohol and drugs and the development of coping strategies.

    The outpatient program ensures the provision of ongoing support and allows the early detection for relapse preventive measures to be instigated. Individual and family counselling are important components of outpatient follow-up.

  • Community Services

    A Community Service is available to patients who the treating psychiatrist feels would benefit from support. As such, the service can assist in early discharge and reduce the need for re-hospitalisation.

    The aims and objectives of the service are:

    • Maintain continuity of care by offering Community support after discharge from hospital
    • Assist patients by giving supportive counselling in the home environment therefore reducing the frequency of hospital admissions
    • Focus on the individual needs of the patient
    • Provide support and individual care
    The Community Nurse will provide monthly progress reports to the treating psychiatrist and regular liaison with the doctor as deemed necessary.

Commitment to ongoing Research and Education:

The Adelaide Clinic is committed to funding research and supporting ongoing evaluation and outcomes studies in Psychiatric care. The Adelaide Clinic currently funds a half time Chair of Psychiatry through the University of Adelaide's faculty of Health Sciences.