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Offering clinical services with twenty-six beds dedicated to adult acute mental illnesses. This unit treats people suffering from a range of psychiatric illnesses, including depression, anxiety, psychosis, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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Park Ward is a comfortable facility designed to accommodate the stabilisation and recovery of patients requiring acute psychiatric intervention. Adults with a range of emotional and psychiatric issues are offered a variety of interventions including pharmacological commencement and review, situational crisis intervention, observation and monitoring in the event of psychiatric illness presentation.

Park Ward is staffed by highly professional and compassionate practitioners, which include psychiatric, allied health and medical staff. Park Ward provides access to innovative treatment options, which combine medical intervention through individualised medication strategies, individual and group counselling and psychotherapy to ensure the best outcome for each person.

Park Ward is renowned for its supportive environment and enthusiastic guidance, which assists in encouraging the patient to adopt responsibility for his/her state of health. Patients typically feel very satisfied with their stay in the Ward and leave taking with them valuable experience and skills necessary to facilitate a more positive future.

Park Ward is a 26-bed unit within the Adelaide Clinic facility. It is distinguished by

  • Comprehensive quality service
  • Thorough initial assessment
  • Multidisciplinary team approach
  • A therapeutic program addressing specific diagnostic problem areas.
  • An environment that fosters self reliance and self-responsibility where clients are encouraged in all treatment discussions

New Admission

For further details please call the Admission Nurse at the Adelaide Clinic on 8269 8100. Private health cover is recommended.


This is the acute in-patient unit of 30 beds. Ten general beds are allocated to substance detoxification and another twenty beds are for acute psychiatric patients.

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An integrated service for problems of drug and alcohol dependence and abuse is offered at the Adelaide Clinic with a follow up program at Kahlyn Day Centre. The Drug & Alcohol Unit is staffed by a highly experienced multi-disciplinary team of health care professionals and offers the following treatment components;

  • Assessment
  • Detoxification
  • Rehabilitation and
  • Outpatient follow-up.

The first point of contact for most patients will be assessment by a member of the team. Assessments can be conducted at either the Adelaide Clinic, Kahlyn Day Centre or, if the potential patient is an inpatient elsewhere, at that site if necessary.

If you would like additional information about the Drug & Alcohol Unit, please call the Admission Officer at the Adelaide Clinic on 8269 8100. Private Health Care is recommended.


Community Services are available as part of an ongoing treatment program or as an alternative to hospitalisation. The service can assist in early discharge and reduce the need for re-hospitalisation.

Close liaison by the Community Team with the treating doctor can result in a quicker response if a patient's mental state deteriorates, allowing for prompt invention.

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A Community Service is available to patients who the treating psychiatrist feels would benefit from the support. The Community Team provides regular follow up at home with the frequency of visits being on a needs basis. Phone counselling with a Community Team Member is also available within office hours, as well as extra intervention in time of crisis.

Patients who benefit from support post-discharge are those;

  • With a chronic psychiatric illness;
  • Have had long term admission
  • Multiple admissions
  • Self destructive behaviour
  • Require ongoing counselling for psychosocial issues
  • Who require monitoring of medication compliance and/or administration of depot injections.

Referral information

A referral from the treating psychiatrist is required for patients to receive Community Services.


The Memory Clinic is a new day patient service providing an integrated multi disciplinary assessment by a team of health professions. The main objective of the program is the early identification of the causes of cognitive impairment.

Like more information?

Contact the Elderly Services Coordinator on 8269 8100.

Making a referral

For further details please call the Admission Officer at the Adelaide Clinic on 8269 8100. Private Health Care is recommended.

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